Best Gaming Headphone|Hebe M1 Review

Best Gaming Headphone|Hebe M1 Review

Gaming on my PC and an essential aspect of gaming is following the soundtrack to ensure this we have a lot of gaming headphones out there both cheap and expensive

Gamdias Hebe M1
The best gaming headphones you can buy out there on the budget.Build quality is one of the first things that catch anyone eye. While using any audio peripheral and the Hebe m1 has an all plastic build it’s not cheap in any way, but it does not look that premium. The design, however, is catchy it has those nice RGB lights because this is an RGB gaming headphone and the overall design with the pattern going on with the headphone and the branding is excellent as far as the fit is concerned.

Hebe M1 is over the year headphones use for long hours while gaming and while editing and its very comfort people don’t face any issues at all in the head does not pain as the ear cups are concerned they feel great and they are enormous, mean huge to provide comfort and super flexible to fit any head size.

Features and Performance :
Is a USB headphone and along with this headphone. Probably found a remote or toggle in the wire connection that has three buttons on it first one is to control the virtual 7.1.
Channel surround base which we will get to in a bit and then we also have a microphone toggle which means the headphone also has a unidirectional microphone for online chatting while online gaming and a third button to control the RGB lights but one thing.

The most important aspect of every headphone the sound quality and here’s where things get a bit interesting the headphone on its normal mode delivers above average performance. It’s deafening with excellent clarity, and the bass is a pretty damn good turn on the 7.1 virtual surround sound. Well made and the only flaws, if I had to nitpick, would be for the fact that the belt could have been a bit more on the premium side and if we could till the RGB colors themselves to different modes or colors that we would like it to show it.

Headphone provides a lot of head-turning features that others don’t so if you are in the market for a good a gaming headphone that will deliver outstanding performance especially with the 7.1 surround sound and have a microphone to comply with your average online chatting needs.

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